Current students:

  • Sheridan Grant, Statistics.

Former students and postdoctoral researchers:

  • Y. Samuel Wang, Statistics. (Fast approximate inference for mixed membersip models)
  • Maryclare Griffin, Statistics.(RDS feasibility project)
  • Rosa Avila, Health Services. (GSR)
  • Maria Grygoryeva, Sociology. (GSR)
  • Abdalla Nimer, Mathematics. (GSR)
  • Richard Callahan, Sociology. (Unimodal Curve Registration project)
  • Erik Gjesfjeld, Anthropology. (Kuril project)
  • Jonathan Gruhl, Statistics (Committee Chair). Thesis title: Bayesian Modeling for Multivariate Mixed Outcomes with Applications to Cognitive Testing Data
  • McKay Curtis (Project Cognitive Outcomes with Advanced Psychometrics).
  • Elizabeth A. Sanders, PhD (2011) Educational Psychology (Committee member).
  • Gail Potter, Statistics, PhD (2010) (Committee member).
  • Seunghye Hong, PhD (2009), Social Welfare (Committee member). Thesis title: Neighborhood contexts, mental health, and immigration.
  • Toby White, PhD (2008), Statistics (committee Chair). Thesis title: Extensions of Latent Class Transition Models with Application to Chronic Disability Survey Data.
  • David Dailey, MS (2005), Statistics (committee Chair). Thesis title: Investigating Effects of the Choice of Latent Variable Distribution for the Two Parameter Logistic Response Model.

Last updated: August, 2018