Machine Learning for Big Data
CSE 547/STAT 548 Winter Quarter 2022




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  • If you have asked for an add code for CSE 547: add codes have already been given out to a limited number of students who satisfied the prerequisites (namely CSE 546, STAT 535 or equivalent). The class is now full, and due to health concerns, I am not planning to overload it.
  • A few spaces are open in STAT 548A Priority will be given to PhD students whose research is in Machine Learning and Big Data, and to Statistics graduate students, and who can prove that they satisfy the course prerequisites. I would like to accept everyone, but we must keep in mind the workload of the TA, which will not be made easier with all the unpredictables of this winter, as well as the need to be spatially distanced during the in-person class. So, I will try to accept up to 10 more students above the current capacity; if you do not get an email from me on Monday, look for updates here.
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Class mailing list: multi_cse547a_wi22 at UW