Preparation for Research Prelim
STAT 572 Spring Quarter 2021


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  • Select a paper from this list by Tuesday March 31 end of day (midnight).

Course overview The goal of the course is to give you experience with independent research, and to help you prepare for the Research Prelim. The class time will be spent in a variety of ways:
  • lectures on research strategy/writing/critical reading/etc
  • presentations by you
  • one-on-one meetings, working in small groups
  • [if need/opportunity arises, mini-lectures topics of common interest]
  • Most course materials are on the Canvas course site. Here are hosted course materials written by me, under Handouts, links to other materials (e.g. tutorials) under Resources.

    Who is this class for?
    This is a project class, intended for PhD students in the Statistics Department who are preparing for their Preliminary Examination in Statistical Learning and Stochastic Modeling. The grade in this class is based on effort on project and project presentation (85%) and participation and timeliness in attaining intermediate project goals (15%). While success in this class is a good predictor of success in the Research Prelim, it does not guarantee a PASS in the Research Prelim.


    • Ability with a computer programming language (like C, C++, Java or Matlab, Splus, R) at the level of STAT 534
    • Recommended: one of the sequences

    Instructor: Marina Meila and Zaid Harchaoui

    Class meets: Tuesday, Wednesday 1:30-3:20 (optionally at 1:00 for appointments)

    Office hours: by appointment

    Course home page: (this page)

    Project templates: project_template.tex, uwstat572.cls

  • Contact the instructor at: