STAT513: Statistical Inference (2022)

This is a 10-week course focused on introducing basic concepts in statistical inference. We start from a touch of dimension-reduction/efficient-estimation through sufficient, ancillary, and complete statistics, then take a tour of the information inequality, MLE, and hypothesis testing, and end the course with an introduction to elementary decision theory.

Check the Syllabus for detailed course plan.

Instructor: Fang Han (

Teaching assistants: Gang Cheng ( and Wenyu Chen (

Lectures: MWF 10:30-11:20

Quiz session: W 12:30-1:20

Office hours: refer to the syllabus

Midterm exam: Feb. 09, in-class

Final exam: Mar. 11, in-class

Lecture notes:

STAT512 course pack

STAT513 course pack

Homework assigments: