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Data Analysis

Click on the name of the data file to open a Data Analysis window with the data loaded.


Data Analysis Old Faithful Geyser: geyser1.dat

Data Analysis Stock Funds: funds.dat

Data Analysis Stock Funds: Five Year Performance

Data Analysis Stock Funds: One Year Performance

Data Analysis Temperatures (CyberStats Unit A-6, Exercises 21-38): berkeley96.dat

Data Analysis U.S. States Information ) (CyberStats Unit A-5, Exercise 67-71): usstates.dat

Data Analysis Old Faithful Geyser: geyser2.dat

Data Analysis Heart Condition and Anger Symptoms (Mind On Statistics, Exercises 6.6): MOS6.3.web

Data Analysis Calculus and graduation (CyberStats Unit A-9, Exercise 6-8): performance.dat

Data Analysis Age of first child (CyberStats Unit A-9, Exercise 16): krantz.dat

Data Analysis Education of women (CyberStats Unit A-9, Exercises 17, 18): husbands.dat

Data Analysis Perceptions of the New York City Subway system (Casebook page 43): subway.web

Data Analysis Midterm Exam Scores

Data Analysis Long-term Investment Strategy (Laboratory 8): ventures.dat

Data Analysis Family incomes for families living in public housing (Homework 7, Question 6): incomes.web

Normal/Gaussian Probability Distribution Calculator

Using the Calculator:

1.      Enter a number in the “Area to the left of” box and click “Calculate” to get the probability that a standard Normal random variable is less than the number.

2.      Enter a proportion in the box after the  “=” and click “Calculate” to get the Z score that a standard Normal random variable has the probability of being less than.

3.      You can change the region to be calculated to “Area to the right of” to get P(Z > “Z Score”) = “Probability”

Binomial Probability Distribution Calculator

Open it and enter the number of trials and the probability of success to determine the distribution.

t* Calculator

Open it and enter the number of degrees of freedom and the confidence level to determine the multiplier for the interval width.

Generic Calculator

Open it to do simple arithmetic do simple arithmetic computations.


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