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Statistical Laboratory

The objective of the laboratory is to help students develop the skills necessary to analyze real data and hence learn the underlying statistical concepts. This laboratory serves a similar role as a chemistry or physics laboratory does; it provides an opportunity for you to interactively uncover the information in a data set in the context of answering questions about the situation that the data relates to.  The idea is to train yourself in the process of analyzing real data, which is a skill that you will need here at UW and in your post-UW years.

Preparation for the First Laboratory (Thursday, Jan 11 10:30am)

The first laboratory will be an introduction to ThomsonNOW and Cyberstats (Under “Course Materials” in ThomsonNOW). You will need to subscribe to it before  the session.

Unless announced on the mailing list, all laboratories will be Thursday, 10:30am-11:20am. The laboratory exercises are within ThomsonNOW and are available from your home page when you log in.

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