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Registering for the course in ThomsonNOW

ThomsonNOW is the commercial web-based courseware that comes with the book. It is a resource with many components we will use in the class (e.g., units, exercises).

When you purchase the textbook bundle, you will receive an access code for CyberStats.  

We will use an additional “Course Material” within ThomsonNOW called “Cyberstats”.

We will use it to visualize the behavior of statistical concepts through the use of conceptual software.

How to signup and register for a ThomsonNOW account

·        Go to and click “Create an Account.”

·        Select “Student”

·        School: University of Washington (Seattle)

·        Course key: E-5GUU9BP9QTKNE

·        Content Access Code: A (CyberStats) content access code comes bundled with the required text “Mind on Statistics”

·        Fill in the registration information. You can choose your own email address, and I suggest using your UW email address as it is easy to remember.

·        Click on the “Course Materials” tab. If you’ve successfully registered your CyberStats content access code, you should see the CyberStats icon on the page. Click on the icon to enter the CyberStats.

·        You only need to do this once. The next time chose the “Sign-in” option from the ThomsonNOW page, or click on the button on the left menu of this course homepage.

·        ThomsonNOW has provided some step-by-step directions here.

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