Statistical Analysis of Networks

for the Social Sciences


CS&SS 567



Links to resources

Software for Description and Modeling of Networks

  • UCINET: Social Network Analysis Software for Windows (description and visualization)
  • Obtaining statnet access: the course R package for statistical modeling of networks and graphs.
  • statnet manual: the statnet manual, tutorial and help pages.
  • sna manual: the manual for the R package sna for statistical modeling of networks and graphs.
  • network manual: the manual for the R package network to represent and store networks and graphs in R.

Learning about R

·   An  Introduction to Splus/R: A web-based short introduction

·   Statistical Data Analysis in R: A web-based complete set of documentation (very good)

·   Introduction to R: A great list of resources for learning R

·   Background notes on R and the Omegahat Project Brian Ripley’s wisdom



Downloading and Installing R on your computer

To download R go to CRAN (the Comprehensive R Archive Network) at

or one of the mirror sites listed there. In particular the US mirror is

Follow the instructions on the CRAN web pages. There are precompiled binaries for various forms of Windows (95, 98, NT, and 2000) and various forms of UNIX (including Linux).


Downloading R for Windows

Go to

read the ReadMe files there and follow the instructions.


Rweb: A Web based interface to R where you can run snippets of R code and see the output

Using UNIX/LINUX for Social Science Computing

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