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Email: jmcq [at] uw [dot] edu
Office: PDL C-316
Phone: (425) 442-0202


I am a fifth year Ph.D candidate (A.B.D.) studying statistics at the University of Washington focusing on machine learning. Before coming to graduate school I worked as an actuary at Towers Watson here in Seattle. I graduated with an Bachelor of Science in Economics (with a minor in mathematics) also at the University of Washington. I recently (June 2014) became a U.S. Citizen and was born in London, England. Between London and Seattle I lived in Montreal Canada for 4 years. Outside of statistics I am interested in skiing, backpacking, guitar (primarily classical, blues, and jazz), as well as the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. I worked with a local start-up called ModeSens, a fashion website (currently in closed beta) using an online recommendation algorithm (designed by me) to recommend new items to users. I also previously worked at Amazon where I worked on A/B testing in the personalization analytics. Currently I'm working in the area of Manifold Learning. Part of my research involved building the (open source) scalable manifold learning package Megaman in python.


B.S. Economics, University of Washington, June 2011
Ph.D Statistics, University of Washington, In Progress

Resume (outdated)

Advisor: Marina Meila