26.dec.1978 - 30.dec.1992
Photo: Cambridge, 1982.

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1.dec.1988 - 23.july.2004
Photo: Seattle, 1993.

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Tijac Holiday Sunrise
17.dec.1995 - 8.april.2006
Photo: Seattle, December 2001

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Fairwinds Walls come Tumblin'
11.july.2004 - 15.april.2016
Photo: Twin Lakes trail; June 2006

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Joshua's story: short version
Joshua's story: long version

Golden Gems Tartufo of Norcia
9.june.2007 - 19.october.2015
Photo: August 2008

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Celebrating Benedict's last summer

Louella: (formerly "Bree")
Born: 14 February 2008.

Fostered for EGRR: April 29 to Dec 4, 2016

Adopted: August 13, 2017
Photo: August 2017

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Blue Sky's Sylvan Sunrise

Born: 28 October 2017

Photo: Shugart Flats, March 2018

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Jason, Ptolemy and Cicero 1990-2004.

The dogs at Shugart Flats in 2001.

Cicero and Joshua, 2004-2006

Joshua and Benedict, 2007

Joshua and Benedict, 2008

Joshua and Benedict, 2011-13

And now we have a new home at Shugart Flats

And here are some temporary photos --in progress.