Geostatistical analysis with the geoR package

Paulo Justiniano Ribeiro Jr, LEG: Statistics and Geoinformation Lab, DEST: Department of Statistics, UFPR: Federal University of Paraná

Table of contents

This is a brief overview of some functionalities in geoR. We refer to the geoR “Tutorials” page for further examples.

A (very) basic geoR session

## Required package.
## Loading a data-set included in the package

We first do a quick data display with exploratory checks on spatial patterns, trends in the coordinates, and distribution of the data. We are using the default plot for a geodata object in geoR: plot.geodata. The lowess argument adds a smooth line to the upper right scatter plot (data value vs y value) and to the lower left scatter plot (x value vs data value). The upper left plot shows color coded data quartile at the location of the data

plot(s100, lowess = TRUE)

Another function allows for more options for displaying the data.