This file updated October 31, 2001.

Errata for
Stochastic Modeling of Scientific Data

p.6, second line of eq. 1.13
P(X_0 \member A_0)
p. 8, line 4
rb should be } (NC)
p. 8, line 7
Should be `any stochastic process exists' (NC)
p. 14, Exercise 3.
Let X_i = X(t_i)-X(t_{i-1}) (CS)
p. 15, Data exercise D1.
n=36, not 32.
p. 20, eqn. 2.12
First row is reversed, should be (0.602 0.398) (CS)
p. 30, eqn. 2.48
p_k should be p_i (ZZ)
p.30 ,line before (2.52)
Proposition 2.4 should be Proposition 2.3 (MD)
p. 34, line 7
Delete `the process' (NC)
p. 34, line 12
the first set should be {X_n = i,T_j > n} (GS)
p. 34, eq. (2.72)
second line, should be `X_n = i ... X_n-1 = k'
third line, should be `X_n = i'
fourth line, first equation should be `p_ki' and `X_n-1 = k'
fourth line, second equation should have `p_ki' between the two summation signs
fifth line should be `p_ki' (GS)
p. 41, line 11
(2.104) should be (2.103) (BS)
p. 42, line 2
`period 3' should be `period 2' (BS)
p. 46, 3 lines above Corollary
`distributions' should be `distribution' (NC)
p. 49 line -5
Z_n/n converges to 0 wp1 should be Z_0/n converges ... (BS)
p. 50 (2.148)
Replace F by f in middle formula (BS)
p. 51 formula (2.153) second line
Need left hand bracket before sum, right hand after mu_k, left hand after >, right hand after mu_k (BS)
p. 51 formula (2.153) third line
U_k(m) should be U_k(l), and again two brackets are missing (BS)
p. 54, second last line of Rasch example
`device' should be `devise'
p. 57 line -3
(1-2x3/5)^2/(2x3/5)=.033 should be (2-2x4/6)^2/(2x4/6)=.333
p. 60, line above (2.185)
the stationary distribution is pi = (1 - p_11, p_01)/(1-(p_11-p_01)) (RT)
p. 66 formula (2.210)
theta_j should be log (theta_j) and (1-...) should be log(1-...) (BS)
p. 67, line 7
`Ordocovian' should be `Ordovician' (BS)
p. 68 line -2
`marked' should be `market' (BS)
p. 72, line preceeding Application
`smaller' should be `larger' (YG)
p. 97, line 15 from below
`Columbia' should be `Colombia' (CD)
p.116, problem 14
Term in absolute values in displayed equation should be p_ij^(n) - pi_j
In the hint, the sum of the positive terms is bounded by 1 - d delta
p. 117, line -9
Y_k should be Y_k+1 (BS)
p. 120, Table 2.19
In the second row 192 should be 102. (RT)
p. 128, line -1
Upper limit of integral should be t (BS)
p. 129, line 4
exp (-beta t) should be exp(-beta x) (BS)
p. 129, formula (3.11)
subscript i should be n (BS)
p. 131, two lines after (3.16)
`of' should be `or' (BS)
p. 141, line 7
(iii) (3.(Pn)) should be (3.39) (BS)
p. 154, line 14
sign on the second derivative should be negative (BS)
p. 155 (3.130)
X(kh=j)) should be X(kh)=j) (BS)
p. 187, exercise D5
The two occurrences of `streptococcial' should read `streptococcal' (BS)
p. 194, l. 7 from below
add "stationary" before "nearest neighbor"
p. 198, l.1-2
delete "$b$ $2J/KT$, strength of Ising model nearest neighbor interactions"
p. 206, line before Proposition 4.1
Brook (1964) is a more appropriate reference than Whittle (1954) (JB)
p. 261, line 4
`Dore' should be `Doce' (CD)
p. 274, Table 5.3
line 4, col. 3 should be 1855 (RJK)
p. 274, Exercise D4
`Maraus' should be `Manaus' (CD)
p. 310, eqn. 165
bj in the summation index should be boldface j
bfj in the summand should be boldface j
Example on top of p. 331:
Polya is spellt correctly the first time, incorrectly the second on line 1.
In equation C.20 there should be a lambda between alpha and t. (RJK)
p. 336, third reference from below
"verketterer" should be "verketteter" (MD)
p. 336, third reference from below
"Deuterung" should be "Deutung"; "Entropievermerung" should be "Entropievermehrung" (MD)
p. 342, sixth reference from below
"der" should be "des"; "einer System" should be "eines Systems" (MD)
p. 344, fourth reference from below
"propri'et`es" should be "propri'et'es" (MD)
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