Model-based Clustering Working Group: Spring 2005

Fridays from 9:00am to 10:20am in room C-301, Padelford Hall, University of Washington Campus.

Working Group: Autumn 2004





April 8

Brendan Murphy, Trinity College Dublin

A Latent Spatial Model for Voting Data

N. Dean

April 15

Paul Shields, Univ of Toledo

The Relative Code Length Model Selection Method

A. Raftery

April 22

Paul Scheet, UW Statistics

A mixture model for large-scale population genetic data based on local clustering of latent haplotypes

K. Yeung

April 29

Jim Burke, UW Math Dept.

Optimization for Mixture Models Using Interior Point Methods

C. Fraley

May 6

McLean Sloughter, UW Statistics

Probabilistic Forecasting of Mixed Mode Weather Data

V. Berrocal

May 13

Claire Gormley, Trinity College Dublin

Mixture Models, Benter's Model and MM algorithms

B. Murphy

May 20

Veronica Berrocal, UW Statistics

Combining Spatial and Ensemble Information for Probabilistic Weather Forecasting

M. Sloughter

May 27

Pavel Krivitsky, UW Statistics

Model-Based Clustering of Social Network Data with Inhomogeneity

R. Gottardo

June 3

Nema Dean, UW Statistics

Variable Selection for Latent Class Models

C. Gormley