Working Group on Model-based Clustering and Applications
Summer session: July 26-30, 1999

Monday-Friday (five days) from 9:00am to noon, in room C-301, Padelford Hall, University of Washington Campus.

Our summer session will focus on model-based clustering and applications. There will be about 8 "long" talks (sessions of about 80 minutes) and about 8 short talks (15 minutes each, plus some discussion). There will be several visitors, and there has been quite a bit of progress to report, so it should be exciting. Watch this space for details as they become known.

Working Group: Monday-Friday, July 26-30, 1999
Day (Chair) Time Speaker Topic
Monday (Adrian Raftery) 9:00-10:20am Fionn Murtagh, Queen's University Belfast Overcoming the curse of dimensionality in clustering by means of the wavelet transform
10:40am-Noon Bo Thiesson, Microsoft Research Accelerating EM for Large Databases
Tuesday (Fionn Murtagh) 9:00-10:20am John Castelloe, SAS Institute MCMC and EM approaches to model-based clustering, applied to a spatial cluster process
10:40-10:55am Alejandro Murua, University of Washington Applications of model-based clustering to speech recognition
11:00-11:15am Halima Bensmail, University of Leiden Kernel-Discriminant analysis of mixed data with optimal scaling
11:20-11:35am Russell Steele, University of Washington Using Importance Sampling to Calculate Bayes Factors for Gaussian Mixture Models
11:40-11:55am Manisha Desai and Mary Emond, University of Washington Bayes factors via importance sampling for clustering of genetic defects in cancer
Wednesday (Mary Emond) 9:00-10:20am Usama Fayyad, Microsoft Research Density-Based indexing for nearest neighbor queries
10:40am-Noon Chris Fraley, University of Washington and Mathsoft, Inc. Model-based clustering with dissimilarities
Thursday (Merlise Clyde) 9:00-10:20am Florence Forbes and Nathalie Peyrard, INRIA Rhone-Alpes Mean Field Approximation Principle and Markov Random Field Model-based Image Segmentation
10:40-10:55am Naisyin Wang, Texas A&M University Robust covariance estimation using nearest neighbor cleaning
11:00-11:15am Danny Walsh, University of Washington Modeling features with linear characteristics in spatial point patterns
11:20-11:35am Samantha Bates, University of Washington A Bayesian approach to environmental and human health risk assessment models
11:40-11:55am Greg Warnes, University of Washington Hastings Coupling: A Parallel Algorithm for Markov Chain Monte Carlo
Friday (Chris Fraley) 9:00-10:20am Merlise Clyde, Duke University Combining ridge regression and Bayesian model averaging
10:40am-Noon Andre Berchtold, University of Washington A full Markovian model for non-homogeneous time-series

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