Model-based Clustering and Bayesian Model Selection Working Group: Winter 1998

Fridays from 9:00am to 10:20am in room C-301, Padelford Hall, University of Washington Campus.

This quarter we will have several very interesting outside speakers, with medical and biological applications (David Baker, Virkam Chalana and David Haynor). There will be (overlapping) focuses on:

Working Group: Winter 1998
Date Speaker Topic
January 16 Danny Walsh Detecting regularity embedded in noise in spatial point patterns using partial Bayes factors based on K-functions
January 23 Adrian Raftery Approximate Bayes factors for the number of components in a finite mixture
January 30 David Baker, UW Biochemistry Using mixture models to classify aminoacid sequences
February 6 Vikram Chalana, MathSoft Inc. Medical imaging and segmentation software developments (perhaps with a demo)
February 13 Thomas Richardson How should we interpret the structure of a graphical model?
February 20 Chris Fraley Model-based clustering using EM and Bayesian model selection: Applications to astronomy and real-time imaging
February 27 Derek Stanford Determining the number of features in an image using approximate Bayes factors
March 6 David Haynor, UW Medical Center Problems in medical imaging
March 13 Simon Byers Clusterwise regression via mixture models

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