Model-based Clustering and Bayesian Model Selection Working Group: Winter 1999

Fridays from 9:00am to 10:20am in room C-301, Padelford Hall, University of Washington Campus.

Working Group: Winter 1999
Date Speaker Topic
January 15 Chris Meek, Microsoft On the geometry of graphical models with hidden variables
January 22 Alejandro Murua A two-dimensional model for speech recognition
January 29 David Poole Bayesian Estimation in Capture-Recapture Models using MCMC Methods
February 5 Andre Berchtold Estimation of the Mixture Transition Distribution (MTD) model for high-order Markov chains
February 12 Danny Walsh Feature Detection in Spatial Point Processes, with Application to Minefield Detection
February 19 Chris Fraley Model-based clustering with dissimilarities
February 26 Jon Forster, University of Southampton and Carnegie-Mellon University Bayesian Model Averaging for Multivariate Categorical Data
March 5 John Castelloe, SAS Institute A Composite EM Method with Model-based Clustering and Standard Error Computations, Applied to a Spatial Poisson Cluster Process
March 12 Mary Emond and Maneesha Desai, Dept of Biostatistics Mixture models for genetic changes in cancer cells

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