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Working Group on Applied, Bayesian and Computational Statistics, Winter 2022

Fridays from 9:00am to 10:20am in room C-301, Padelford Hall, University of Washington, Seattle. (Except January 14, on Zoom.)

Working Group: Winter 2022
Date Speaker Topic
January 14 Daphne Liu (on Zoom) Multiple Imputation for Missing Data in Multilevel Time Series with Nonlinear Relationships
January 21 Michael Pearce (on Zoom) Bayesian modeling of scores and ranking data with application to grant panel review
January 28 Nathan Welch (on Zoom) Modeling and Forecasting Bilateral Migration Flows for All Pairs of Countries
February 4 Nicholas Irons Optimal control of the impacts of COVID-19 via non-pharmaceutical interventions
February 11 Peter Liu & Shane Lubold Bayesian Hyperbolic Multidimensional Scaling
February 18 Adrian Raftery Comparing parameter priors in Bayesian model averaging
February 25 Anupreet Porwal Effect of model space priors on statistical inference with model uncertainty
March 11 Crystal Yu Probabilistic County-Level Population Projections for Washington State

Updated January 13, 2022