Statistics for Data Science
STAT 391 Spring Quarter 2021


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  • Course notes in book form are now here (small edits upcoming)
  • Please respect the learning environment and the privacy of your class-mates by keeping the meeting URL and access information confidential. This is a University rule: Facilitating or perpetrating “zoom bombing” will result in immediate referral to the UW Community Standards & Student Conduct team, with possible consequences being failure and expulsion.

Instructor: Marina Meila Office: Padelford B-321, Box 354322

TA: Zhaoqi Li

Brief description
This is a course in statistics that uses probability and calculus with applications to machine learning, engineering, sciences, computer science. See more here, in the syllabus and the math bare essentials


  • CSE 312 OR STAT 394/5 OR STAT 421 OR equivalent.
  • Notions of algorithms and complexity at the level of CSE 373.
  • Ability to program at the level of CSE 142/3
  • Calculus (see the math bare essentials above)

Lectures: Tuesdays, Thursdays ?? on-line
Instructor's office hour:Mondays 2:10-3:00 on-line
TA's office hour:Tuesdays 5:30-6:20 on-line

Class mailing list: stat391a_sp21

Course home page: (this page)