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MATH 498 Winter Quarter 2018




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What will the course be about?
In Winter 2018 the Math Sciences Seminar will have the topic "Math/ACMS/Statistics/Data Science as a carreer pathway"

We will have informational meetings with guest speakers on

  • how to do research as an undergraduate
  • what is it like to be in a MS or PhD program
  • how to apply for graduate studies
  • job opportunities after graduation
  • undergraduate research day -- if you are working on a research project you will have the opportunity to present it
  • I am also considering this: how to apply to Math/ACMS/Statistics and in general how to plan for getting into a STEM major (this last topic will be part of an open house for premajors, and some of the guest speakers will be from among the students)
Your duties if you enroll:
  • To help with the occasional logistics (pizza and refreshements, assisting the speakers set up, taking/posting minutes or pictures from the seminars, etc). Everyone in the class will share a bit of the work.
  • To write a one page statement of purpose/personal statement.
    If you plan to apply for graduate schools, write a statement as if you were ready to submit your application. If you plan to get a job, write a statement that will help your employer decide to hire you. If you will start a company, write a statement to convince an investor to invest in your company. If you think you already have a job, write a statement to convince your boss to approve of your plans. You got the idea. Imagine a situation that is likely to occur in your near future.

If you do not enroll but you are a Math/ACMS/Statistics major, you are always welcome to participate.

Pizza will be ordered occasionally and in proportion to the enrollement -- there is your incentive to sign up for that one credit! These occasions will be announced on the web page.

Some seminars will be "open-house", in the sense that we will invite other groups of students from across campus.

Instructor: Marina Meila   mmp at stat dot wa******** dot edu

Lectures: Thursdays, 12:30 - 1:50, ARC 160

Course home page: (this page)

Class mailing list: math498b_wi18 at UW