Papers on biological monitoring

Grace Chiu and Peter Guttorp (2004): Stream Health Index for the Puget Sound Lowland.

Dean Billheimer, Peter Guttorp, and William F. Fagan (1997): Statistical Analysis and Interpretation of Discrete Compositional Data NRCSE Technical report 11, University of Washington. Acrobat version.

D. Billheimer, T. Cardoso, E. Freeman, P. Guttorp, H.-W. Ko and M. Silkey (1997): Natural variability of benthic species in the Delaware Bay. Env. Ecol. Statist.4: 95-115.
Preliminary version available as several PostScript files in a tar archive.

D. Billheimer, P. Guttorp (1995): Spatial models for discrete compositional data. PostScript file.

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