Model-based Clustering and Bayesian Model Selection Working Group: Winter 1997

Fridays from 9:00am to 10:20am in room C-301, Padelford Hall, University of Washington Campus.

The focus this quarter will be on (a) Bayesian model selection (Heckerman, Viallefont, Richardson); and (b) inference for deterministic simulation models (Raftery, Poole, Wade, Reynolds). The other presentations (Fayyad, Forbes) will be related to the other topics of the ONR grant. In Spring quarter, those working on the ONR grant will give us updates on their progress.

Working Group: Winter 1997
Date Speaker Topic
January 10 Chris Fraley MCLUST-EM, with Applications to Minefields and Making Jeans
January 10 Derek Stanford (briefly) Normandy Earthquake Data
January 17 David Heckerman, Microsoft Asymptotic Model Selection for Directed Networks with Hidden Variables
January 24 Florence Forbes Statistical Morphology
January 31 Valerie Viallefont, INSERM, France Bayesian Model Selection in Logistic Regression
February 7 Thomas Richardson Efficient Bayesian Model Selection in Causal Models
February 14 NO MEETING --------------------
February 21 Adrian Raftery Inference in Non-Invertible Deterministic Simulation Models: Resolving the Borel Paradox
February 28 David Poole Inference in Non-Invertible Deterministic Simulation Models: Results
March 7 Paul Wade, National Marine Mammal Lab Bayesian Inference for Deterministic Simulation Models
March 14 Joel Reynolds Using Pareto Optimization to Assess the Structure of Deterministic Models

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