Spectral Clustering
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Spectral Clustering
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Marina Meila
Le Bao
Saraswata Chaudhuri
Aneesh Hariharan
David Hiller
Laura Qunhua Li
Bhushan Mandhani
Tatiana Maravina
Anne Patrikainen
William Pentney
Dominique Perrault-Joncas
Susan Shortreed
Deepak Verma
Linda Liang Xu
Code and data


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Matlab Code 

SpectraLIB - Package for symmetric spectral clustering written by Deepak Verma. Updated by Tatiana Maravina [with support from NSF award 0313339 ]
[Download SpectraLIB]

Supported by NSF Grant IIS-0313339SpectraLIB_A - Package for asymmetric spectral clustering written by Marina Meila and Tatiana Maravina (an extension to SpectraLIB) [supported by NSF award 0313339 ]
[Download SpectraLIB_A]

Supported by NSF Grant IIS-0313339 Utilities to generate symmetric and asymmetric matrices that normalize to block stochastic P's (these utilities are also included in the SpectraLIB_A) written by Deepak Verma, Tatiana Maravina and Marina Meila [With support from NSF award 0313339]
[see the Overview/Manual of SpectraLIB_A]
[Download utilities]

Supported by NSF Grant IIS-0313339 RSL_library_beta - Package for spectral Learning written by Susan Shortreed and Marina Meila [Supported by NSF award 0313339]
[Download RSL_Library](temporarily unavailable)


Some of the datasets we used are available here

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  • Le Bao, Statistics, Spring, Summer 2007Supported by NSF Grant IIS-0313339
  • Saraswata Chaudhuri, Economics, Summer 2007Supported by NSF Grant IIS-0313339
  • David Hiller ACMS major, Winter, Spring, Summer 2003, Summer 2004
  • Aneesh Hariharan, Applied Mathematics, Autumn 2008-Spring 2009 Supported by NSF Grant IIS-0313339
  • Laura Qunhua Li, Statistics, Fall 2003 - Summer 2004Supported by NSF Grant IIS-0313339
  • Bhushan Mandhani, Computer Science, Summer 2007Supported by NSF Grant IIS-0313339
  • Tatiana Maravina, Statistics, Winter, Spring 2007Supported by NSF Grant IIS-0313339
  • Anne Patrikainen, Helsinki University of Technology visiting student Spring-Summer 2003, then UW Computer Science, Winter-Spring 2004
  • William Pentney, Computer Science, Fall 2004 - Summer 2005
  • Dominique Perrault-Joncas, Statistics, Fall 2008-Summer 2009 Supported by NSF Grant IIS-0313339
  • Susan Shortreed, Statistics, Winter 2004-Spring 2005, Fall 2005-Summer 2006Supported by NSF Grant IIS-0313339, Fall 2006
  • Deepak Verma, Computer Science, Winter-Spring 2003
  • Linda Liang Xu, Mathematics, Winter-Spring 2003


The following sources of funding have supported this project

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