Elizabeth A. Thompson

DISCLAIMER: Please note that there is much
false and inaccurate information on the web.
The only web-based CV and list of publications
for which I take responsibility are the ones
linked to this page.

Contact information

For security reasons, information has been removed
from this page. Please see the department pages:

Department of Statistics, for any needed information.

Email: Please use
eathomp 'at' u.washington.edu or
eathomp 'at' uw.edu

Please do NOT use older email through
stat.washington.edu and please be aware that I do
not use gmail for any professional purpose

If you receive any email that appears to be from me
that does not use one of the two above UW forms of
address it is fake.

Please be aware that email addresses of the
above form can also be faked.




Classes: current

    Elizabeth Thompson retired in September 2018,
    and will not teach a regular class until Spring of 2020.

Classes: history