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Adrian Raftery: Biostatistics Research

Infectious disease epidemiology | Case-control studies | Survival analysis | Health services

My biostatistics research has focused on dveloping Bayesian methods for infectious disease epidemiology, case-control studies, survival analysis, health services and the analysis of gene expression data. Click here for my gene expression work.

Infectious disease epidemiology

Baraff, A.J., McCormick, T.H. and Raftery, A.E. (2016). Estimating uncertainty in Respondent-Driven Sampling using a tree bootstrap method. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113:14668--14673.

Bao, L, Raftery, A.E. and Reddy, A. (2015). Estimating the Sizes of Populations at Risk of HIV Infection in Bangladesh Using a Bayesian Hierarchical Model. Statistics and Its Interface, 8:125-136. Earlier version.

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Bao, L. and A.E. Raftery (2010). A stochastic infection rate model for estimating and projecting national HIV prevalence rates. Sexually Transmitted Infections 86:i93--i99.

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Brown, T., Salomon, J.A., Alkema, L., Raftery, A.E. and Gouws, E. (2008). Progress and challenges in modelling country-level HIV/AIDS epidemics: The UNAIDS Estimation and Projection Package 2007. Sexually Transmitted Infections 84:i5-i10.

Alkema, L., Raftery, A.E. and Clark, S.J. (2007). Probabilistic projections of HIV prevalence using Bayesian melding. Annals of Applied Statistics, 1, 229-248.

Case-Control Studies

Viallefont, V., Raftery, A.E. and Richardson, S. (2001). Variable selection and Bayesian model averaging in epidemiological case-control studies. Statistics in Medicine, 20, 3215-3230.

Raftery, A.E. and Richardson, S. (1996). Model selection for generalized linear models via GLIB, with application to epidemiology. In Bayesian Biostatistics (D.A. Berry and D.K. Stangl, eds.), New York: Marcel Dekker, pp. 321--354. Earlier version (Postscript).

Survival Analysis

Volinsky, C.T. and Raftery, A.E. (2000). Bayesian information criterion for censored survival models. Biometrics, 56, 256--262.

Volinsky, C.T., Madigan, D., Raftery, A.E. and Kronmal, R.A. (1997). Bayesian model averaging in proportional hazard models: Assessing stroke risk. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, series C---Applied Statistics, 46, 433-448.

Raftery, A.E., Madigan, D. and Volinsky, C.T. (1995). Accounting for model uncertainty in survival analysis improves predictive performance (with Discussion). In Bayesian Statistics 5 (J.M. Bernardo, J.O. Berger, A.P. Dawid and A.F.M. Smith, eds.), Oxford University Press, pp. 323-349. Earlier version (ps).

Health Services

Kahn, M.J. and Raftery, A.E. (1996). Discharge rates of Medicare stroke patients to skilled nursing facilities: Bayesian logistic regression with unobserved heterogeneity. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 91, 29-41.

These papers are being made available here to facilitate the timely dissemination of scholarly work; copyright and all related rights are retained by the copyright holders.

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